Program Theme

The Supply Chain as a Well for Innovation

7:00 a.m. Breakfast and Networking
8:00 a.m. Opening Address
8:35 a.m. The Supply Chain as an Engine for Innovation
How can you use your supply chain capabilities to fuel growth for your firm and your business partners? Should you look at initiatives that are easier to implement and lower value, or tackle bigger projects in incremental steps to mitigate risk? Is it possible to take incremental steps to achieve large productivity improvements? What mistakes have we made over the last year, and what did we learn? This session affords a look at how to manage supply chain innovation. These are some of the questions LQ's panel will address.
9:35 a.m. Executive Exchange (Q & A)
10:15 a.m. Break
10:45 a.m. Outsourcing to Create Supply Chain Excellence
Can you achieve excellence through outsourcing? The tenet that each player builds on what they do best is attractive, but not easy to implement effectively. How can the relationship be managed for growing value? What role do core capabilities such as Sales & Operations Planning play? Is this model an effective way to beat the competition to get management talent - and keep the brightest and the best? What role does Sarbanes Oxley compliance play in this dynamic? What impact do volatile costs have on these relationships?
11:45 a.m. Executive Exchange
12:15 p.m. Lunch
12:45 p.m. Luncheon Presentation
What constitutes innovative business practices ? How can innovation be best applied in the global supply chain?
1:50 p.m. The Role of People in Innovation
This session focuses on creating a corporate culture of learning and sharing that encourages pilot projects and effective metrics. How do we instill innovation in our everyday work? Dell's corporate culture is a primary example of a culture that aims for "radically stretched targets." How can you create an innovative corporate culture using Six Sigma practices? What incentives reward people to develop innovative ideas that are exciting for your suppliers and customers? What are the corporate circumstances are indispensable to foster innovation? This session offers exercises and diagnostics around talent, skills and innovation.
2:45 p.m. Executive Exchange
3:15 p.m. Break
3:30 p.m. Developing Supply Chain Professionals
A look at how executives can leverage a career in supply chain management to succeed in business. How do you introduce innovative supply chain practices in the corporate boardroom? How does one move from a career in the supply chain management area to other areas in an organization? Case studies and ground-breaking research from leading companies and academics in the field.
4:15 p.m. Executive Exchange
5:00 p.m. Concluding Remarks
5:15 p.m. Post-event Reception
6:15 p.m. Conference Concludes