join us for LQs may 1, 2008 Symposium
LQ is developing a fall Executive Exchange Program in consultation with its Executive Editors and its Advisory Board. Following the completion of the fall program, LQ will be featuring the biographical notes on each of the speakers. If you are interested in presenting at the fall symposium, please contact LQ's Editor and Publisher, Fred Moody.

May 1st 2008 Program for LQ's Executive Exchange


7:00 a.m. Breakfast & Networking
8:00 a.m. Welcome & Opening Address
8:15 a.m. PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing Value-Added Opportunities for Collaboration in the Supply Chain (Click here for more info)
9:40 a.m. Executive Exchange (Q & A)
10:15 a.m. Break
10:30 a.m. CASE STUDY & PANEL DISCUSSION: Renewing Outsourcing Agreements and a Look at the Role Procurement Plays in this Context (Click here for more information)
11:45 a.m. Executive Exchange (Q & A)
12:15 p.m. Networking & Cocktail Reception
1:00 p.m. Lunch
1:45 p.m. Introduction & Keynote Address
2:15 p.m. CASE STUDY & PANEL DISCUSSION: How can logisticians and 3PLs Build a Compelling Case for the CEO? (Click here for more information)
3:35 p.m. Executive Exchange (Q & A)
4:00 p.m.Concluding Remarks

Developing Value-Added Opportunities for 3PLs and their clients

This session discusses value-added business development opportunities for 3PLs and their client firms. The specific focus includes applications that can enhance 3PL operations and planning, strengthen 3PL relationships with client firms, and integrate client business processes with those of their 3PLs and customers. Some of the questions this session will consider include:

- How can 3PLs better align their value-added services with their clients’ requirements, from warehousing to technology solutions?

- What kind of supply chain resiliency should logisticians and 3PLs consider in transborder trade practices?

- What’s around the corner in terms of logisticians’ future expectations and requirements from their 3PLs?

- How can 3PLs and their logisticians improve on defining price and value added services to more effectively to enhance profits all interests in the supply chain.

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Renewing Outsourcing Agreements and a Perspective on the Role Procurement Plays in this Context

In this session executives will focus on the renewal of logistics outsourcing relationships. For many, logistics outsourcing is now a mature space for logisticians and 3PLs alike.

With many outsourcing agreements up for renewal, there’s a lack of information available to help supply chain executives at this important juncture. This session offers groundbreaking research that includes in depth interviews with executives of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and Supply Chain Owners (SCOs). This session will examine these key themes:

- The incumbent is often favored as the costs of switch providers are high;

- SCOs rarely wait for the renewal of agreements to implement major changes in the way in the LSP-SCO relationship to better serve their business;

- LSPs eager to renew do not wait for the last months of the contract to “wow” the SCO with everything they can do;

- Renewal is a great time to change the basis of the relationship by modifying the compensation approach;

- Successful relationships adopt more collaborative compensation and management styles;

- Procurement involvement is generally not an impediment, but they do not add much to the process; and

- Undisclosed senior management agendas can derail the process, unexpectedly. After a brief overview of the research findings, a SCO procurement executive will describe how procurement can bring value to the renewals process, and an LSP executive will share insights from a number of very different recent renewals.

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How can logisticians and 3PLs Build a Compelling Case for the CEO?

As a senior-level logistician who has inaugurated a national supply chain strategy with a series of new DCs you are on your way to the company’s C-suite for a meeting and armed with a compelling case to show your firm’s CEO why S&OP is essential for the creation of a world-class global supply chain. You are concerned, however, as you’re mindful of the fact that other thoughtful logisticians haven’t been successful in selling this view to their senior-level management team. And other logisticians in the field question why they are not being pushed to develop S&OP faster.

How do CEOs view these kinds of value added opportunities? This session reviews the challenges faced by logisticians and 3PLs who want to distinguish their businesses, and some of the challenges they face, such as pricing pressures, recruitment, and the involvement of procurement in the 3PL selection process. How are these capabilities creating challenges as well as opportunities for 3PLs and logisticians alike?

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