Comments From Participants on LQ's Symposiums

Since 1995, LQ Magazine has published ideas for leadership in logistics and supply chain management, featuring articles written by industry leaders for their peers.

LQ's Executive Exchange builds on LQ's tradition of introducing and demonstrating new leading ideas for leadership in logistics and transportation by senior-level practitioners in North America.

Here are a few of the comments we've received from participants who attended LQ's symposiums:

Fred, it was a real pleasure participating in the symposium. You had all of the right elements: interesting topics, good speakers, excellent attendees, and nice venue... In sum, it was a great success, and a very worthwhile day for all involved. I look forward to the next one. – Thomas Goldsby, Ph.D., University of Kentucky

I felt compelled to write you about our experience at the LQ Symposium – Growing Value Through Performance-Oriented Supply Chain Management in a Global Economy.

My team and I found the forum to be very effective and beneficial in enhancing the learning experience.

Your presenters were of the highest caliber and the knowledge they presented was very relevant to our business. – Larry Rodo, President and CEO, Brink's Canada Limited

The seminar was enjoyable and informative. The quality of contacts was high. – Dick Armstrong, President, Armstrong & Associates

Thank you for including me on your speakers' platform at this year's executive conference. I was impressed with the quality of the forum and the insightful audience. – Alan Gershenhorn, President, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa

You folks did a great job organizing and presenting this event. I enjoyed the interaction at the tables, and the quality of the speaker content. – Bruce Danielson, Executive Communications Manager, UPS

I really enjoyed the format and the interactive program you employ. Congratulations on being one of the best! – Gene Tyndall, President, Supply Chain Executive Advisors, LLC

Well done. Another excellent day! – Claude Germain, Executive Vice President & COO, Schenker of Canada Limited

Hats off to you for a very well done symposium (by far one of the better supply chain events in the market) and many thanks for the invite to participate - I thoroughly enjoyed both the symposium). – Jonathan Zakary, Strategic Supply Chain Initiatives, Darden Restaurants

Thank you for the opportunity to present at the LQ symposium, last week, in Toronto. It was very well organized and the format was great for good interaction. – Arun Kumar, Americas Logistics and Worldwide Compliance, Dell, Inc

I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the conference and found it to contain a lot of great information that I can use. – Grant Hunt, P.Log, Director of Canadian Operations & Global Logistics, Elmers

Very well organized, and well thanks to you and your staff for setting it up. Venue was excellent. The setting allowed for good exchange of ideas, and you did not feel lost in a vast auditorium of strangers. Very up close and personal. Range of speakers was superb. I was delighted to see the level of presenters, and their candor in speaking with participants. No one felt compelled to hold back and spoke openly about their ideas. It was not a commercial, but rather an excellent sharing of thoughts relevant to today's supply chain environment. Topics were both specific to a company, such as a case study, and specific to the industry, and enabled me to gather some ideas to take home to ponder another day. – William (Bill) L. Conley, President, ATC Logistics & Electronics

The sessions were topical and thorough. Speakers were knowledgeable and articulate. A well-focused and valuable use of my time. – Jim Eckler, President and CEO, Progistix-Solutions Inc.

"Thanks for having me participate. I really enjoyed it." – Rick Blasgen, President and CEO, The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

"I definitely found value in this event." – Greg Cunningham, Director of Supply Chain Optimization, Maple Leaf Frozen Bakery

"LQ's Symposium was great and well organized." – Sue Gadsby, C.P.P. C.P.M., Director, Procurement, Apotex Inc.

"Thank you for a wonderful and insightful day. I enjoyed the executive exchange." – Joseph Gallick, Senior Vice President of Sales, Penske Logistics

"I greatly enjoyed the idea of the table discussions. It was way more interesting than conventional formats." – Claude Germain, Executive Vice President and COO, Schenker of Canada Limited

"The forum was well thought out and the format was very conducive to a quality exchange of perspectives. The topics for discussion and debate were very pertinent to today's market environment. I look forward to the next session." – David Griffith, Vice President of Global SCM, BAX Global

"The LQ Symposium was a fantastic opportunity to connect and re-connect with many individuals, and a tremendous opportunity to network and share ideas on a number of different topics through-out the course of the day." – Joe Grubic, Global Supply Chain, Nortel Networks

"It was a very enjoyable event with excellent presentations and dialogue." – Charles Lounsbury, Senior Consultant, and the former Senior Vice President of Ryder System, Inc.

"I really enjoyed the LQ Symposium. It was full of interesting and valuable information." – Marc Nadeau, Vice President, Business Development, Nadiscorp Logistics Group Inc.

"Thank you for a very interesting symposium. LQ's Executive Exchange now seems to have become an essential part of every logistician's calendar." – Peruvemba Ravi, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Operations and Decision Sciences, School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University

"I enjoyed the overall experience and the time that I was able to spend with those at the event discussing the various issues affecting and shaping global transportation and logistics." – Jason Shane, Sponsorship, Sport & Event and Segment Marketing, FedEx

I enjoyed the symposium very much. The interactive format is innovative and engaging. – Robert Shaunnessey, Executive Director, Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC)

I enjoyed the opportunity to join LQ last week. I particularly enjoyed the Hershey presentation on Sales and Operations Planning. It was very applied and rich in detail. Congratulations also on the flawless 'logistics' of the event." – Walter Zinn, Ph.D., Ohio State University