LQ's North American Leadership in Logistics Symposium,
May 16, 2007

Board of Trade Golf & Country Club
(15 minutes from Pearson International Airport)
20 Lloyd Street, Woodbridge, ON, L4L 2B9

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An Executive Exchange of Ideas for Leadership in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Innovation as a Strategic Differentiator: How Your Workforce, Customers and Competitors Can Help


"The nature of innovation - the inherent definition of innovation - has changed today from what it was in the past. It's no longer individuals toiling in a laboratory, coming up with some great invention. It's not an individual. It's individuals. It's multidisciplinary. It's global. It's collaborative." - Sam Palmisano, Chairman, President and CEO, IBM

The gap between the ability to collaborate and the need for collaboration in innovation is a major barrier that business needs to focus on. As many ideas come from outside companies and solutions often require the combined resources of multiple firms, this symposium looks at how leaders can develop greater collaborative capabilities throughout their organizations.

LQ's symposium is unique. It offers:

  • Thought leadership from across North America
  • Short, insightful presentations by keynote speakers
  • Discussion-based sessions - LQ's "Executive Exchange" of ideas
  • Limited seating to ensure a friendly and personalize exchange of ideas

Your voice is important.

Good partnerships are essential in a global economy. In fact, according to the late Robert V. Delaney in his 11th Annual State of Logistics Report, "relationships will carry the logistics industry into the future?" Developing and improving relationships with 3PL providers in a global economy, however, is often not easy for logistics users and providers.

LQ's Executive Exchange is an international forum to exchange ideas between leaders from Canada and the United States. In today's global economy, Canada and the United States remains a partnership that is, in many ways, unique. Trade last year between the United States and Canada almost matched that of the United States and the combined 25 member states of the European Union.

LQ's Executive Exchange builds on a tradition of introducing and demonstrating new leading ideas by senior-level practitioners in North America for supply chain management executives.

This Executive Exchange's keynote speakers will cover topics designed to help improve your company's global performance. Join us, and participate in a program that provides collective thinking and passion to find solutions in a world with emerging economies, unprecedented technologies and new business models.

LQ's Executive Exchange will break new ground in supply chain knowledge sharing – up to half of the session time will be dedicated to a workshop format to discuss the practical applications and implications with the world class speakers and other logistics leaders that attend.