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LQ's Executive Exchange:

December 11th, 2014 | The Toronto Board of Trade Country Club


As heightened customer expectations fuel greater demand for innovation, from product concepts to their launch, from packaging to delivery, customer driven expectations are changing business models and supply chain strategies at an unprecedented pace. Clearly the supply chains of the future will look radically different from those of the past, and successful business executives' roles roles will continue to evolve. Creating supply chains that are flexible and responsive to every customer requirement will continue to call for unprecedented collaboration across business functions, 3PLs and logisticians, and keen insights into customer requirements and expectations.

On behalf of LQ's editorial team, and the sponsors that have made this LQ’s Symposium possible, it is my pleasure to invite you to attend LQ's December Executive Exchange in Toronto. LQ's Executive Exchange on Thursday, December 11th has been designed to examine supply chain strategies and offer tangible insights into cultivating collaboration and business innovation.

Background on LQ's Executive Exchanges:

LQ's Symposiums are an extension of LQ's 20-year tradition of offering ideas for leadership in logistics and transportation - for Canadians and Americans alike. LQ's Executive Exchanges build on a tradition of introducing and demonstrating new leading ideas by senior-level practitioners and leading academics. They also mirror LQ Magazine's distinctive place in the market, with a unique mix of Canadian and American readers and an editorial environment reflects the fact that we are each other's great trading partners - and the largest trading partners in the world.

LQ's December Symposium brings together some of the world's finest business practitioners, academics and thought leaders, to guide our discussions and inspire your thinking at this unique gathering focusing on supply chain issues impacting business sustainability, international trade and strategies.

LQ’s Symposiums are unique. They offer:

•Thought leadership from across North America

• Short, insightful presentations by keynote speakers

•Discussion-based sessions - LQ's "Executive Exchange" of ideas

• Limited seating to ensure a friendly and personalize exchange of ideas

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