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Background: LQ’s Sustainability Study and Awards Symposium

Recent surveys have identified the heightened value of financial return on investment as one of the top drivers of sustainability in supply chain practices, which marks a substantial change from a short time ago, and shows the association between sustainability and business development in supply chain practices is strengthening.

Globally, governments and businesses are putting an unprecedented focus and investment on sustainability practices. Germany, for example, one of the primary economic engines of Europe, was an environmental laggard only a short time ago. Today, Germany may be one of the world's greenest countries, with an estimated 15 percent of its GDP related to green products, setting standards in policy and technology that boost sustainability practices beyond its borders.

In China, now the world’s second largest economy, the government has recently identified sustainability as one of the most essential ingredients for that nation’s continued economic development.

This spring, China’s Minister for the Environment, Zhou Shengxian, reflected on this concern when he announced: "In China's thousands of years of civilization, the conflict between humankind and nature has never been as serious as it is today…. The depletion, deterioration and exhaustion of resources and the worsening ecological environment have become bottlenecks and grave impediments to economic and social development."

In fact, China’s target for annual economic growth has been lowered in its new five-year plan this March to 7 percent from 7.5 percent to reflect the nation’s focus on sustainable development. While this seems only a modest adjustment, it signals the government's willingness to sacrifice the speed of growth for the sake of sustainability.

In Toronto, the value placed on sustainability is even evidenced by the stock exchange, the largest in Canada, namely, the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV), which provide growth oriented clean technology and renewable power companies with a market to access North American and global capital. Today the TSX and TSXV are home to 129 Clean Technology and Renewable Power companies that have a total market cap of over $20 billion.

In this global context it’s clear an unprecedented number of firms are growing more energy efficient, developing new ways to source, manufacture and distribute goods and services in a sustainable manner.

LQ’s Symposium builds its past Symposiums dedicated to Sustainability, its new LQ’s Sustainability Study and Awards Symposium, which is sponsored by C. H. Robinson Worldwide Inc., and its long-standing editorial focus on sustainability.

Three years ago, David Closs, PhD, Michigan State, and LQ Executive Editor, and Brian D. Pease, published an article in LQ entitled: “The Role of Supply Chain Management in Developing Sustainable Operations,” that documented supply chain executives were in a unique position to bring value to their firms based on innovative sustainability practices. Here is an excerpt:

“Supply chain professionals have a unique opportunity for broader involvement to educate and lead their organizations in achieving these noble objectives while driving value to their firms, and benefiting not only the communities in which they live but ultimately the greater global environment.

Supply Chain sustainability includes considerations such as risk management, resource availability, supply chain security, food safety, sustainability of human resources, alternative energy platforms, bio-economics and green supply chains. This broad definition requires wide-ranging expertise from disciplines including human resource management, criminal justice and security, engineering, natural science, natural resources, and agriculture.” (LQ Volume 14 Issue 5)

LQ’s Sustainability Study and Awards Symposium will examine sustainability from three perspectives: innovative Economic, Environmental and Socially responsible approaches to enhance the sustainability of businesses and, ultimately, our planet.

Background on LQ's Symposiums

LQ’s Symposiums are unique. They offer:

  • Thought leadership from across North America
  • Short, insightful presentations by keynote speakers
  • Discussion-based sessions - LQ's "Executive Exchange" of ideas
  • Limited seating to ensure a friendly and personalize exchange of ideas

Good partnerships are essential in a global economy. In fact, according to the late Robert V. Delaney in his 11th Annual State of Logistics Report, "relationships will carry the logistics industry into the future?" Developing and improving relationships with 3PL providers in a global economy, however, is often not easy for logistics users and providers.

LQ's Executive Exchange is an international forum to exchange ideas between leaders from Canada and the United States. In today's global economy, Canada and the United States remains a partnership that is, in many ways, unique. Trade last year between the United States and Canada almost matched that of the United States and the combined 25 member states of the European Union.

LQ's Executive Exchange builds on a tradition of introducing and demonstrating new leading ideas by senior-level practitioners in North America for supply chain management executives.

This Executive Exchange's keynote speakers will cover topics designed to help improve your company's global performance. Join us, and participate in a program that provides collective thinking and passion to find solutions in a world with emerging economies, unprecedented technologies and new business models.

LQ's Executive Exchange will break new ground in supply chain knowledge sharing – up to half of the session time will be dedicated to a workshop format to discuss the practical applications and implications with the world class speakers and other logistics leaders that attend. LQ's has developed the program for its January 13th Symposium program with the direction of its Executive Editors and Board.


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