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THE TOP 40 3PLs 2009

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
Eden Prairie, MN
John Wiehoff, CEO & Chairman

3PL Turnover:


Service Area:

Tier 1 – Global Supply Chain Manager – Major Markets

3PL Assets:

7,347 employees
100 warehousing and cross-dock affiliates

Information Systems:

TMS – Proprietary


Freight brokerage, air and ocean freight forwarding, transportation management, warehousing, print logistics, produce sourcing, consulting

Vertical Industry Focus/Key Customers:

Consumer Goods, Elements, Food/Groceries, Industrial, Retailing, Technological
Key Customers: Amalgamated Sugar, Boise, Coca-Cola Supply, ConAgra Foods, ConocoPhillips, Dole Food, Frito-Lay, Haier America, Ocean Spray, Subway, Tetra Pak, UPM-Kymmene

Armstrong & Associates’ Evaluation:

C.H. Robinson continues to be the most profitable tier-one 3PL regularly achieving net income margins greater than 20 percent. C.H. Robinson dominates domestic transportation management in North America.

While 76 percent of C.H. Robinson’s net revenues are truck transportation related, it has solid domestic intermodal, international air and ocean, food sourcing, fuel card services and fuel management, and supply chain management. It has also been expanding its TMC operations which focus on large transportation network management.

The TMC is now serving North America, Europe and South America with plans to expand into Asia in 2011. Employees are highly incented to take care of customers. C.H. Robinson’s Canadian operations developed quickly and it has become a strong player with eight offices. European operations have also been successful and profitable.

They are a natural fit for Europe’s atomized owner-operator-based companies. Asian operations continue to grow. Recently, C.H. Robinson acquired offices in India and continues to make careful purchases of companies with specializations and has access to the free cash flow to make more.

C.H. Robinson’s IT and business processes are tightly coordinated. Reporting capabilities provide good operating and profitability control. Ongoing modifications include much stronger and friendlier carrier/capacity management.