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Logistics Quarterly Magazine - Volume 16, Issue 2, 2010

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LQ’s Executive Interview Series

Today’s marketplace has made it more challenging than ever before to implement breakthrough ideas. However, an unpredictable economic landscape has called on companies to find new ways to create value, and not surprisingly many are looking at their supply chain to create profit and ultimately, shareholder value. How can logisticians translate their efforts into meaningful and compelling cases to be included on the agenda in the boardroom suite of an organization? This LQ executive interview series examines this question by focusing on new ways to reinvent in business.

CITT Column: How Do You Mitigate Risk and Invest in Outsourcing Your Transportation Requirements? You’re meeting with the CEO of one of your stellar carriers. The CEO has some troubling news to share; it’s crunch time and they need to renegotiate their contract with your firm. What’s your best course of action?

NASSTRAC Column: Fall Elections Promise Worse Gridlock Virtually all U.S. elections in “off years” (i.e., when votes are cast for Members of Congress but not for president), lead to gains by the party not in power. In 2010, several factors appear likely to increase losses by Democrats. These factors include a weak economic recovery, concerns about federal deficits and the bank, auto industry and AIG bailouts that contributed to them, the rise of the Tea Party movement, dramatic increases in campaign ads supporting Republican candidates, and gridlock in Congress.

LQ’s Recommended Reading:
The New Supply Chain Agenda: The 5 Steps That Drive Real Value, by Reuben E. Slone, J. Paul Dittmann, and John T. Mentzer

ATA Column: Taking a Look at the Road Ahead
As we race toward the mid-term elections, there are a plethora of issues at the forefront of voters’ minds — not the least of which is the economy. Everyone wants to know what will be done about job creation and economic growth.

The Latest System for the Toolkit
The increasing volume of international supply chain transactions, along with a combination of agreements to both motivate trade and impose restrictions on what can be traded, has heightened the value of technology capability to monitor and track these transactions. These regulations, restrictions and constraints have dramatically increased supply chain management opportunities and risks.

GS1 Column: Global Standards Proposed for Canada’s Healthcare Supply Chain The Canadian Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Survey is a national poll conducted for GS1 Canada by the Innovative Research Group Inc. (INNOVATIVE) as part of the Canadian Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Project. The survey polled 294 Canadian healthcare sector stakeholders representing a blend of healthcare institutions, Shared Service Organizations and product suppliers. Results of the survey were released in July by standards body GS1 Canada. Sustainable transport options have increasingly become a priority for North American businesses. Fluctuating fuel and operational costs, coupled with road congestion and other environmental challenges have sliced into the budgets of freight and shipping companies, compromising their efficiency and productivity.

Technology Toolbox: The IT Gap Faced by Third-Party Logistics Providers There is a noticeable and significant gap between what shippers perceive 3PL providers need to offer in the information technology arena and whether shippers are satisfied with the IT capabilities offered by third-party logistics providers.

Playing to Win  
How do the best companies win at the game of outsourcing their supply chain? Here is an overview of how to build stronger relationships and gain greater value from your outsourcing relationships, based on the book Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules that will Transform Outsourcing





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