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Logistics Quarterly Magazine - Volume 15, Issue 4, 2009

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- LQ’s Top 40 3PL North American Report: A Very Different Year in 3PL Land
A survey of North American 3PLs in August show 3PLs’ gross revenues were down over 12 percent. Seventy-two percent of the companies said gross revenues were down for the year. Twenty-four percent said their revenues were up. Net revenues were reported as down by 5.9 percent. Here’s an overview of 2009 and where 3PLs are forecast to develop in the future.

- LQ’s Executive Interview Series:
A Conversation with Scott Vanselous, Senior Vice President, TMW Systems Inc.

Learn why investing in supply chain technology during challenging times affords excellent value for logisticians.

- LQ’s 3PL IT Excellence Interview Series:
A Conversation with Michael Shaver, Vice President, Gumro & Associates, Inc.

Learn more about where customers are seeking innovation and how IT is a differentiator among 3PL providers.

- Technology Toolbox: Integrated Planning and Execution: What Does it Really Mean?
Applying an integrated approach to business functions can improve your firm’s top and bottom line by eliminating silos and improving your firm’s procurement and forecasting practices.

- ATA: Trucking is at a Transformational Moment
How can the trucking industry continue to move 83 percent of the United States’ freight as measured by revenue, and 70 percent of freight as measured by tonnage, while lessening its impact on the environment?

- RILA: Supply Chain Management: Retail’s Silver Bullet
Released in October, RILA and Auburn University’s 2009 study “The State of the Retail Supply Chain” surveyed 40 of America’s leading retailers to examine current trends, leading practices and key issues that will have the greatest impact on strategy and planning for retail supply chain executives now and in the near future.

- Supply Chain Performance in Healthcare: Study Assesses Readiness to Implement Metrics and Standards
The Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN), based in Toronto, was engaged this year to govern and manage this assessment on behalf of Ontario’s BPS Supply Chain Secretariat. HSCN selected Deloitte as its partner to produce a study to help develop metrics designed to drive hospital supply chain transformation. Mark Fam, Senior Manager in Deloitte’s National Health Services practice played a key role in writing this report.

- CITT: The Current Reality of Air Freight Forwarding
The decline in demand for air freight service has had a negative impact on some of the freight forwarding industry and the structure of many companies. While the general view is that this downturn was universal, there are differences in what has transpired in some markets and a more trade lane specific review is probably in order. Here’s an insightful overview on what’s ahead for the air cargo industry.

- NASSTRAC: The Case for the Uniformity of the United States’ Transportation Law at the Port of Los Angeles
If the Port of Los Angeles and various environmental groups get their way, the uniformity of the United States‘ transportation law will be jeopardized, and the main beneficiary will be the Teamsters Union.

- Women in Trucking: The Value of Investing in Employee Communications
Drivers are your salespersons and customer service agents when they arrive at the consignee’s door. How he or she communicates will be a reflection on your company.




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