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A Transborder Perspective
LQ is a journal that relates directly to practitioners’ professional requirements. It features content that is germane to practitioners in business, and its editorial content is of high value in this respect. LQ also addresses topics in a timely manner both in terms of day-in and day-out operations as well as on a strategic level. I am looking forward to your magazine continuing to expand beyond borders to deal with international issues and best practices.

Russ Doak
Director, Global Logistics
Creo Inc.

Kudos From CIFFA
I am very impressed with the
headway made and the continuous quality improvements of LQ Magazine. congratulations and keep up the
good work.

George Kuhn
Executive Director
Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association

Providing the Readers’ Perspective
Rob Carter, (EVP, CIO, Information Technology, FedEx Corp.) really enjoyed the questions for this issue’s Interview. He told me he felt that the line of questions were very thoughtful and articulated from the the reader’s perspective to show LQ really wanted an insightful response (versus just getting another story). Let’s hope all his future encounters are this good.

Karen Cooper
Media Relations Specialist
Corporate Communications
and Public Relations
FedEx Express Canada Ltd.

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