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LQ’s New Advisory
Board Members

Peruvemba S. Ravi is an Assistant Professor in the Operations and Decision Sciences area at the School of Business and economics, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada. He is a member of the Supply Chain Management faculty group at Wilfrid Laurier University. Professor Ravi holds a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta, India, an MS in Operations Research from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, and an MSBA and Ph.D. in Operations Management from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to joining Wilfrid Laurier University, Dr. Ravi was a visiting faculty member at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Operations Management and Supply Chain management. Dr. Ravi’s research interests include logistics and supply chain management, the marketing-manufacturing interface, and scheduling. He was awarded the Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2001, an award that is granted annually to only about twenty researchers in Canada. He also holds a research grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Dr. Ravi is a member of DSI, INFORMS, POMS and CORS.

Announcing The New Cabinet of Toronto Roundtable of the Council of Logistics Management (CLM)

Don Cummer, CLM Director, Director of Purchasing of Shared Healthcare Supply Services; Russ Doak, CLM Director, director of Global Logistics of Creo Inc; Jim Ellis, CLM Director, Senior Manager of bearingPoint; David Faoro, CLM Director and former president, Director of transportation of Unisource Canada; Claude Germain, CLM Director, CEO of Cube Route Inc.; Dan Goodwill, CLM Director, Partner of Danron transportation consultants Inc.; Joe Grubic, CLM Secretary & Membership Chair, Manager Logistics Integration of Nortel Networks Global Logistics; Martin Kelly, CLM Vice President, Director of Carrier development, iWheels international; Marcelo Morales, CLM Treasurer, Senior Manager of BearingPoint; Fred Moody, CLM Toronto President, Editor and Co-Publisher of LQ Magazine; Stuart Penman, CLM Director; Cynthia Pryor, CLM Director, Partner of DTA Services Limited; Jason Read, CLM director, Principal of 3PL Links; Kurt Ritcey, Former CLM President/Director, Partner of Deloitte; Larry Rodo, CLM Director, President of Brinks Canada; Dr. Alan Saipe, CLM Director, President of Supply Chain Surveys Inc.; Nicholas Seiersen, Former CLM President/Director, Senior Manager of BearingPoint; Mike Snedden, CLM Program Chair, Manager of Distribution Operations of IBM; Dr. Donald Tham, CLM Education Chairman, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical, Aerospace & engineering, Ryerson University.

CLM is the preeminent association for individuals involved in logistics and supply chain management, offering educational, career development and networking opportunities to its more than 10,000 members and to the entire profession.

CLM Roundtables provide a forum offered at the local level which sponsors educational programs to raise the equality of logistics practice while promoting the personal and professional development of its participants.

How to Form a CLM Roundtable
By Kathleen Hedland
CLM Director of Education
& Roundtable Services

The Council of Logistics Management roundtables were created to offer educational programs, provide networking opportunities, and to help people develop both personally and professionally. throughout the year, roundtable meetings are held to assure that there are opportunities for logistics and supply chain professionals to meet more frequently than on an annual conference basis.

A roundtable is formed when a group of Council members and other business professionals, located in a region virtually anywhere in the world, determine that they would benefit from meeting periodically. Roundtables are neither chapters nor separate corporate entities and regardless of the location in the world, are an extension of CLM and thus chartered in the State of Illinois in the United States.

Due to the volunteer nature of the organization, CLM bylaws make it easy for a group of members to form a roundtable. A petition with the signatures of a minimum of ten current Council members is required to be submitted to the executive committee for review and approval, and if properly executed, the roundtable is given pending status for one year. At the end of that year, permanent status is granted if all provisions and policies are met.

The first step in a roundtable’s development is organizing a core group of interested individuals who, with CLM staff, will explore if sufficient interest exists in the local community. A four-to-five person organizing committee to assess the interest and proceed with its development is recommended.

Next, a survey is recommended to be distributed to members and other professionals in the region asking basic questions that include specific interests, program topics and event preferences as well as volunteers to serve on the committee.

If the survey results are positive, the organizing committee will then develop a project plan to establish the roundtable, maintaining contact with interested individuals by distributing the results and a plan outline.

If possible, an introductory meeting or event is an extremely beneficial venue for dialogue and to provide the committee an opportunity for direct input on issues and to identify potential cabinet members. However, if conducting a meeting is not possible, direct contact with the membership and logistics/supply chain community will be continued by the organizing committee to expand support and proceed with the petitioning process.

For more information on CLM’s roundtables, visit – roundtable link – or contact Kathleen Hedland, director of education and roundtable services at or 630-645-3463.