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The Changing Landscape in Education

I read Mr. Dale Ross's article on the Changing Landscape in Education and Professional Development (vol. 9, Issue 3/4) and I was disappointed to see that he demonstrates little awareness of the P.Log. Certification Program. To position the P.Log. as a functional silo is, at best, a misunderstanding.

The P.Log. is the first and only professional designation that deals with logistics as an end-to-end strategy, emphasizing integrated processes within organizations supporting the design, development and growth of global supply chains. The P.Log., both through the Standard Program of six modules and most especially through the Executive Program, takes a strategic approach to certification. We build leaders in the field, and not just tacticians.

I'm equally surprised that Mr. Ross seems to be unaware of the distinction between education and professional certification. Education is about processing information. It enables the end users to learn to integrate ideas, concepts and theories into their thinking patterns, so they can apply these ideas in the workplace. Professional certification is about competence: the ability to implement and apply the skills to decide and act based on the integration of theory [what one knows] and praxis or experience [what one does].

The Logistics Institute is not a training or educational organization; it is a certifying organization. The "certification program" is not a training or education program; it is an environment in which and through which one's competence is tested, and skills are simultaneously honed. The P.Log. is not an educational credential, but a professional credential that indicates in a public manner that one has earned a level of competence represented by the designation. Ask any engineer why he or she values the P.Eng. designation over the BSc in Engineering; fundamentally, it allows them to be engineers, and that is significantly different from studying engineering.

Mr. Ross is comparing apples [education] and oranges [professional certification], and obviously prefers apples. However, that does not relegate oranges to second best in the fruit bowl.

Victor S. Deyglio
The Logistics Institute, Toronto, Ontario

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