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LQ’s Freight Index

U.S. Transportation Rate Information

LQ's freight index covers all modes of transportation across 52 U.S. States. It is comprised of information from 100 shippers that cover all SIC sectors. LQ is pleased to publish this information, which has been prepared by CTSI, a leading supply chain management company, based in Memphis, Tennessee USA. CTSI’s core services include Freight Audit and Payment, TMS, Information Management and Consulting, with more than 7,000 carriers supported, more than 250 million annual transactions and $5 billion in annual freight dollars processed.

LQ believes this index is one of the most comprehensive and accurate assessments of freight trends in the U.S. today, and an important economic indicator.

LQ's Freight Index will be updated with new charts and statistical data at the beginning of each month.

Screen shot View the CTSI/LQ Shipping Patterns Index (All Transportation Modes, across 50 U.S. States)


Canadian Domestic and Transborder Shipment Data Trends

LQ is pleased to announce its enhanced Freight Index, which features shipping trends across 50 U.S. states each month, now features Canada-U.S. cross-border information and extensive Canadian shipping trends data, thanks to information provided by DTA Services Ltd., a leading Toronto-based distribution and transportation analysis firm.

LQ's Canada/Transborder Freight Index is based on a review of a sampling of 100 firms' data in Canada, and includes aggregated data on a monthly basis for the years 2009, 2010, and 2011, with a focus on key trends in the following areas:

• Quantity of Shipments

• Freight Spend

• Cost Per Shipment

• Audit Adjustments

• Duplicate Invoicing

• Total Adjustments

DTA has included information on Audit Adjustments, Duplicates and Total Adjustments to track and highlight audit errors, and attempted duplicate invoicing. This additional information evidences the importance for freight auditing practices; if freight bills aren't thoroughly audited, money can be needlessly paid, which can be difficult to recoup.

DTA's CEO and President, Melissa Gracey, has noted this information covers many sectors in the Canadian economy: "DTA's clients cover a great variety of products shipped. It also noteworthy that the spring and fall are heavier shipping months for our clients, which is reflected in this information."

DTA Services, Ltd., a firm founded in 1920, is exposed to more than 2,000 Canadian and US freight companies representing thousands of shipments for hundreds of shippers, giving it a unique position to provide logisticians with an informed perspective of trends in today's cross-border and Canadian marketplace.

The aggregate data provided each month by DTA will enhance the quality of LQ's Freight Index, enabling LQ to provide an excellent overview of freight costs for Canadian and U.S. shippers alike

Screen shot View the Canada/Transborder Freight Index.

About CTSI

For over 50 years CTSI has been providing supply chain management solutions through experience, knowledge and technology. CTSI is a valuable resource to companies by helping them manage and control all aspects of their supply chain - physical, informational, and financial. The end results are improved shipping efficiencies, greater control, and significant ongoing savings for both clients and carriers. More information about CTSI is available at:

About DTA Services Ltd.

DTA has saved hundreds of Canadian and US manufacturers and distributors millions of dollars over its 90 years in business. Its custom-built computerized programs ensure that DTA's clients never over-pay or duplicate payment of their freight bills. Through its vast exposure to transportation tariffs and negotiated rates, DTA provides value in performing comparative reviews to ensure its clientele ship at competitive rates and as effectively as possible. DTA's state-of-the-art website displays snapshot pictures outlining freight costs by carrier, lane, customer, vendor and financial allocation code, to name a few areas. DTA also handles all aspects of freight payables.

About LQ

Since its founding in 1995, LQ has upheld a tradition to be logistics and transportation publication written by professionals for professionals in the field - affording authoritative thinking on the complex and fast-changing work of the logistics and transportation business in Canada and the United States.

LQ also features two annual conferences for academics and leading practitioners in the field. For more information, please visit:

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