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LQ’s Compelling Content Marketing Proposition

More companies than ever before are recasting their branding strategies to focus more on intellectual content; Content that captures the attention of an audience and genuinely engages people.

In fact, nine out of ten organizations are now marketing with content that reaches beyond their traditional sales pitch by presenting information, ideas, and even entertainment valued by their customers. It’s transforming the way many firms communicate. It means turning a new page in business communications. We’re entering what the writers at publications such as HBR have recently coined “the era of corporate enlightenment.”

Up to 70% of people would prefer to know more about a company by reading an article instead of an ad, according to The Content Marketing Institute.

Even The New York Times has suggested that these “native advertisements” garner attention comparable to some news content.

On a fundamental level, it involves the practice of storytelling with editorial integrity, that is supported by sponsorship. It’s a model that LQ has honed over several decades with its peer-to-peer content and Partnership Profile Program, and Executive Exchanges. It means leveraging LQ’s peer-to-peer content marketing strategies to communicate with your existing customers and broaden your reach to new prospects, but without selling. 

But recent studies show many marketers continue to find it challenging to produce engaging content. LQ’s peer-to-peer publication process ensures quality. Instead of pitching your products or services, we want you to deliver valued information to make your buyers better informed, and more intelligent.

LQ has a basic belief about the value of delivering high quality editorial: if we consistently provide our readers and attendees with quality, they will continue to reward us with their loyalty and business. It’s a practice we’ve honed for more than two decades. Contact us now for more information on LQ’s customized Partnership Profile Program.

LQ Magazine has a distinctive place in the market given its unique mix of Canadian and American readers - and an editorial environment that reflects the fact that we are each other’s greatest trading partners – and the largest trading partners in the world, with some $680 billion in goods and services changing hands each year between our nations.

LQ also holds two Symposiums annually – which are an extension of LQ’s 21-year tradition of offering ideas for leadership in logistics and transportation – for Canadians and Americans alike.

Click here to Download LQ's 2016 MediaKit. (Or visit the following link to download LQ's 2016 MediaKit: http://www.logisticsquarterly.com/pdfs/mediakit2016.pdf )

LQ’s Audience is comprised of leading logisticians, business-decision makers, who value our content for the integrity, and high standards LQ represents.

Advertising Contacts

National Sales Director

Fred Moody

Artwork Delivery

Please provide advertising artwork on CD with a color proof. Send it to:
LQ Inc., 131 Bloor St., W., Suite 200, Toronto, ON, M5S 1R8

LQ Inc, Artwork Specifications

Digital File Specifications
We suggest that you supply digital files in QuarkXpress for Mac. All digital files must be accompanied by either a black and white or color-laser proof at full size. All images should be supplied in either TIFF or EPS format(s), 300 DPI at 100% of final size. If your ad is assembled in QuarkXpress, all images should be in the same folder. All fonts (both screen and printer fonts) should be placed in this folder. If your ad is assembled in a program other than QuarkXpress for Mac, the entire file must be saved as an EPS with a Mac Preview.

Page Specifications
Page size (Trim) is 8 1/2" x 11"
with LIVE AREA 7" X 10" and
BLEED 8 3/4" x 11 1/4"

High-Resolution PDF format
This is a preferred option, enabling you to provide your artwork in a digital format for delivery via the Internet to our Creative Director or printer. All Bleeds and Crops must be included in the PDF. Also all PDF graphics and fonts must be provided - all in non-compressed formats.

Additional Fees & Notes
• Cover Positions - 20% Premium
• Guaranteed Postition - 12% Premium
• Cancellations or changes in orders will not be accepted advertising after closing dates.

Ad Specs & Mechanicals (PDF)